He Made Me Wear A Crown – Poem By Me!

My father,
he made me wear a crown👑
and said to his lil girl
to never and ever put it down
I heard him and agreed
with all my innocence
But me, at that time
didn’t understood anything
I just loved the crown
because of its shine
and the reason that he brought it
telling me its all mine

My father,
he used to ask me to wear that crown,
smiling and walk with my head high..
I tried, over and over again
But always ended up
struggling with the smile
Then he, calling me the most beautiful girl he had ever met
made it all fine
and without any extra efforts
brought a natural smile…
We did all this for as long as i remember
But then, he suddenly stopped it after a while
I never really wondered why?
and what was all that for?
I think now i know
answers to every question that i, never dared to ask…

My father,
he made me the woman i am today
Someone, who had been broken,
defeated, and even knocked down
But never ran away
Someone, who always finds a way to get back up
and adjust her CROWN👑
It was my father
who trusted his lil girl
and made me someone i am now!❤️

Do let me know if you guys liked it…

Well, This is Muskan…Signing Off for now!

Published by Muskan Malik

What inspires me...I write it down for you!💜

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