Tired of listening to others? Do they give advices when they don’t know your situation? They can’t feel what you’re going through. Right?

Sometimes, we need someone only to listen to us, no complaints or arguing, no advices or suggestions. Just to be there for us and listen. Isn’t it?
There are times when you are surrounded by people but when it comes to have a serious and a deep conversation you really don’t have anyone to talk to. You can’t share things with someone (might be your friend) whom you can’t trust for a particular topic or you know that person won’t actually understand.

See, I am not encouraging you to keep things within you but i am going to tell you some ways, that i personally use, to give vent to my emotions.

First, DON’T LISTEN to people who tell you what to do. LISTEN to people who encourage you to do what you know in your heart is right.

Second, Trust yourself, have Faith in yourself. You’re strong and you can deal with all the challenges life throws at you. You are capable to do so. Just believe yourself and no one can stop you!

Third, If you have a pet. Spend some time with your pet. Animals have that power to calm you down. Talk to them and you know your secrets are safe with them. Give them love and they’ll love you unconditionally. Isn’t it ironic that our pets can make us trust them without even actually talking to us? It’s actions that speaks louder than words!

Fourth, Start writing, painting, singing, dancing or any such activity that relaxes you. It helps! Take my example on this!

Healing isn’t Linear. It’s going to be a lot of two steps forward and three steps back. And you know what? That’s still making progress.

You know, we don’t want to get judged but somewhere ,maybe unintenionally, we do judge someone else. We all do. We tell people what to do instead of hearing them out. But when same happens with us we really don’t like it. Accept it or deny it but it’s a fact. We complain about almost everything that happens with us.
Afterall, we are humans. We do make mistakes. What we can do is Learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them again.

REMEMBER THIS – Never stop yourself from learning something from others , evenif that person is younger than you. Try NOT TO JUDGE OTHERS. I am saying just try, and i know we all can try if we decide to.

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn buses have roses – Abraham Lincoln

In the case of this quote, what do you see? A thorn bush or A rose bush? Either way, there are roses and thorns!

If you see a thorn bush, you won’t go near it. You won’t get the roses and definitely won’t enjoy their smell.
If you see a rose bush, you’ll be cautious while going for the roses, but will still go for them. Your eyes will be fixed on the roses and you may probably not be pricked by the thorns.

So, You see it’s just the Perspective. We often see what we want to see!
Success starts in our head. More specifically, our mind. What we decide to see matters and shapes our perspective. And you know what, our perspective determines how we act or respond to challenges.

Everything, every trial of yours, all your hardwork is worth it if you decide to get up again and again. Try, Fall, Get up again till you succeed!

You’ll meet different people in your entire journey and they’ll say different things to you or about you. Don’t let them bother you. Listen to them if you want to. Work on it if you think they are right but my friend, don’t ever lose your focus.
If you’re failing again and again, it might be a test to see how persistent and determined you are. You’ll get everything you deserve at the right time.
I am not saying to sit idle and wait for that right time but what i intend to say is Keep working hard and keep trying. You’ll succeed at the right time after you pass your tests!

NOTE TO MY LOVELY READERS – If you like to read what i write then Stay Tuned..

This is Muskan.. Signing Off!

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